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Lucky Bed

During my time at the ICP-Bard MFA program, I grew Dutch White clovers inside of a 49” x 26” plywood frame. I have a knack for finding the elusive four-leaf clover which always seems so difficult to find. In order to understand the difficulty, I started searching for a logical exploration without completely demystifying their magic. My research revealed a scientific approach of how, in theory, one can increase the chances of finding a lucky four-leaf clover. The frame was filled with a steady foundation that contained soil, seeds, and water. The Dutch White clover is a/the species that produces the mutation of having four leaves instead of three. Statistics say the chances of finding a real four-leaf clover is 1 in 10,000, meaning you need to skim approximately 1.2 square meters in order to find one. This is the approximate area in which I grew my clovers. It’s satisfying to see something grow and follow a process that you have no control over and leaving everything up to chance.


In their growing state, the clovers were moved from my indoor studio space to the reception area of the School at the International Center of Photography. This area is located inside of a glass cube and is the only part of the school that is situated aboveground. I chose this space to illustrate the harmonious relationship between the space (as a photography school) and plant life; both incorporate light and time into their existence. Another factor that played into the selection of the space was the school at ICP is located adjacent to Times Square, an area full of skyscrapers and banks. A lifeless grey neighborhood contradicted by neon lights and tourists. I wanted something to stand out from all of this to attract people in and let them wonder during their busy daily rhythm. 


I made flower bed of measurements 1.2 m2 of planted Dutch White clover seeds. Within this area, there should grow more than 10.000 three leaf clovers. In an area this size it is scientifically proven that at least one four-leaf-clover will grow there. Good luck.

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